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Satta Matka ( Matka Game )

Satta Matka is a very simple game, that's why it is popular. You just have to guess a number between 0 - 9 and put a bet on the number. If you win, you will get paid 9.5 times money of the bet you placed. This is the easy format of matka game but, there is much more than this in this matka world.

Jodi (Bracket)

Satta matka game is divided into parts, open and close. A result from 0 to 9 will be drew in open and close. These two numbers will form the Jodi (Also called Bracket). For Example : If, Open result is 9 & Close result is 7, So the jodi will be = 97 Usually, You will get 95 times money of the bet in Jodi.

Panel (Patti)

The result in open and close digit aren't the only digits drew in the matka. Each open and close digit comes with a 3 digit Panel or Patti. Panel is a 3 digit number which is in ascending order. Adding the panel's numbers gives us the result of a part of matka. If the addition of panel's number is more than 9, then the last number will be the result. For example : If panel is 357 then 3+5+7 = 14, then the result of one part will be 4 and panel 357.

There are 220 patti or panels in satta matka game. Each digit from 0 to 9 has 22 panels, of which 9 are dp panels (double panel) and 12 are sp panel(single panel) and 1 is tp (triple panel) panel. DP Panel are those panels which contains a digit twice. Example - 225,599,788,100 etc. Single panel are those panels in which every digit is different from one another, like 123, 489, 157 etc. Triple panel are those panel in which all three digit are same, like 555, 777, 333.

Usual Rates for panel: SP Panel - 140x DP Panel - 280x TP Panel - 800x

Kalyan Panel Chart Mumbai Panel Chart

Sangam (Jackpot)

Sangam or Jackpot is another part of this game where you have to guess both open panel and close panel to win. People winning sangam are very rare. There are total 220 patti in satta game. If we calculate for open patti (220) and close patti (220) which will be 220 x 220, there are 48400 total possible combinations for a sangam. So we have a single chance in 48400 to win. Usual rates for sangam varies from 10000x - 20000x. Example Sangam - 257 X 589

Half Sangam

In half sangam, you have to guess result of a part open and panel of part close or vice-versa . Half sangam are easy to guess than half sangam. Again, there are only few people winning half sangam. If we calculate the total possible combinations which is 220 (panel) x 10 (digits). There will be 2200 total possible combinations for us to win. Usual rates for half sangam are 1000x. Example Half sangam: 159 x 9 557 x 5 5 x 367 5 x 469

It is believed that satta matka games run with tricks using the charts which actually is record of result weekwise with panels. These tricks are mostly mathematical and anyone can find them using charts. You can see some of tricks and matka tips here on our blog.

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Note : Panel and Patti are interchangeable words.

Last updated : April 30 2017